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Hard Tack N'at

Cherry Hard Tack Candy

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Our classic Cherry flavor is one of life's tiny treasures. Each crunchy piece bursts with sweet-tart flavor, meaning that once you pop one of these treats in your mouth, you usually go on to devour the whole bag.


Sugar, corn syrup (corn syrup,vanilla, salt), water, powdered sugar, flavor (alcohol, natural and artificial flavors, propylene glycol, water, red 40, blue 1) color (water, propylene glycol, red 40, blue 1, red 3)

Product Information

Your candy is in a resealable stand up bag to keep it crunchy. Easy to eat right out of and seal back up so no spillage.  
Choose between the hand cut shape, yes every piece is cut by hand, or gem mold which since it saves our poor hands you get to save a little money.

Nutritional Facts

Fat Free

Gluten Free

Kosher Certified


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